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Peer-Reviewed Journals

B. AlShebli, K. Makovi, and T. Rahwan (2020). "The Association between Early Career Informal Mentorship in Academic Collaborations and Junior Author Performance", Nature Communications. (Accepted, to appear)
G. Raman, B. AlShebli, M. Waniek, T. Rahwan,  and J. C.-H. Peng (2020). "How Weaponizing Disinformation Can Bring Down a City's Power Grid", PLOS One.
Matthew J Salganik et al (2020). “Measuring the Predictability of Life Outcomes with a Scientific Mass Collaboration, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
B. AlShebli, T. Michalak, O. Skibski, M. Wooldridge, and T. Rahwan (2019). “A Measure of Added Value in Groups”. ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems
B. K. AlShebli, T. Rahwan, and W. L. Woon (2018). "The Preeminence of Ethnic Diversity in Scientific Collaboration".  Nature communications
A. Alabdulkareem, M.R. Frank, L. Sun, B. AlShebli, C. Hidalgo, and I. Rahwan (2018). “Unpacking the Polarization of Workplace Skills”, Science Advances

Conference Proceedings

B AlShebli, A Alibasic, WL Woon, D Svetinovic (2017), “Kanban-based framework for analysis of heterogeneous academic data”. Telecommunication Forum (TELFOR).
N. Kenan, M. Attiya, and B. AlShebli (2014), “A Closed-Loop Capacitated Warehouse Location Model with Risk Pooling.” In Logistics Operations, Supply Chain Management and Sustainability. Springer International Publishing.
B.K. AlShebli, and K. Karahalious (2007), “The impact of culture on collaborative technologies.Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI).
B.K. AlShebli, E. Gilbert and K. Karahalios (2007), “The social implications of an assisted living reminder system”.
In International Conference on Online Communities and Social Computing.
Hou, J.C., Wang, Q., AlShebli, B.K., Ball, L., Birge, S., Caccamo, M., Cheah, C.F., Gilbert, E., Gunter, C.A., Gunter, E. and Lee, C.G. (2007), “Pas: A wireless-enabled, sensor-integrated personal assistance system for independent and assisted living.” In High Confidence Medical Devices, Software, and Systems and Medical Device Plug-and-Play Interoperability, IEEE.
Wang, Q., Shin, W., Liu, X., Zeng, Z., Oh, C., AlShebli, B.K., Caccamo, M., Gunter, C.A., Gunter, E., Hou, J. and Karahalios, K. (2006), “I-Living: An open system architecture for assisted living.In Systems, Man and Cybernetics, IEEE.
McCann, R., AlShebli, B., Le, Q., Nguyen, H., Vu, L. and Doan, A., (2005) “Mapping maintenance for data integration systems.In Proceedings of the 31st international conference on Very large data bases. VLDB Endowment.
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